Friday, April 14, 2017

And the winner is... plus Janet Olson challenge is challenging!

The winner of the Mickey Dupre book is:


Please send me your snail mail address so I can mail you the book.

Many of you may remember that Janet O. and I did a little challenge last year ostensibly to use up my French General fabrics.  I sent her a pile of my extra fabrics with which she made me the most darling little 12" quilt.  That was the only restriction.

It is fabulous... the design is so perfect (stars are my favorite blocks) and her feathers (she's quite the master quilter, if you don't already know) are amazing.  She also is the Queen of Minis!  I love it.  Do you see the fussy cut corners??  And the centers of the stars??

So this year she chose the fabrics and we are following the same general guidelines...12" quilt.  Here is what I have left:

The jelly roll was a Barbara Brackman line.  I added other fabrics  to make my project, which will be within the 12" guideline, with a little variation...
I'm going to finish it up after we return from our cabin in Oregon (we are going up tomorrow with my daughter and her 3 darlings, so I won't get any sewing done...small price to pay to have the kids for the week!!).  I'll post a picture after I send it to Janet.

One of the places we visited in Nashville was a botanical garden.  The flowers were not all in bloom but these little pansies had the best colors.  I had to take a close up.  Wouldn't a quilt with these colors be so striking??

I did a little sewing this week, trying to catch up with the Triangle Gatherings.  I got 3 done...

These fabrics were my favorite of the three, although it's a little hard on the eyes!!

I'm now trying to put together a little hand work for the drive tomorrow.  I really enjoyed the wool appliqué (no edges to turn) so I am leaning in that direction.  I think I have a kit or two of pin cushions that are wool.  

Hope everyone has a great Easter!


  1. Lucky you to get one of Janet's Mini's. I am green here in Washington State! Have a great weekend with the Grands.

  2. You're so right about Janet's piecing and quilting skills, she's phenomenal! And, yes, a pansy inspired quilt would be such a burst of springtime color. Have a great time with your grands!

  3. Janet is a phenomenal quilter. Her piecing is outstanding. Can't wait to see what you gals did this year. Have a sweet weekend.

  4. Congrats to Rina!
    The quilt Janet made it lovely! I like the fabric you are using for the current challenge.

  5. I cannot get my head round the mini being only 12" the pieces must have been teeny weeny pieces to make that how amazing it is. Loving the triangles is it a OM I could join in with? Happy Easter and have a lovely time with your family in the cabin

  6. Congratulations to Rina!
    You have me really curious now. I can't believe that amid the fabric pile for the swap I see that you have added one of my absolutely favorite reds!!
    Enjoy your family time--no pressure.
    Are those pansies or little violets? Whatever they are, they are gorgeous, and I love the color scheme.
    Your Triangle blocks look great. That last blue one is a doozy!! : )

  7. I like what I see in that pile of fabrics. I look forward to seeing your trade quilts. Janet O. is right up there with being an expert on mini making.

  8. Janet 's mini is so cute and love the tiny pieces! So precious. Have a wonderful week with your family.Happy Easter.

  9. How fun to do a swap with a friend! Janet's quilt is darling and I'm sure yours will be pretty cute too! I think I need to do some pansy shopping!

  10. don't I know that janet is a master mini quilter....all her little quilts are simply stunning and way out of my comfort zone for nice that there is such a variety in quilters and their special gifts...

  11. I like all the colors in the new blocks! They will make a very lively quilt! cheers!