Monday, April 24, 2017

Back from vacation with the kiddies and small GIVEAWAY

We just spent the past week with our daughter's family, including the three darlings who I frequently babysit for on Fridays and a couple of weekends a month.  We had a great time at our cabin in Oregon, although I can't say we had very good weather.

My 7 yr old grandson has always enjoyed sewing with me, but now he's too large to sit in my lap.  So I rigged up a stool for him to be able to reach the pedal and scooted him right next to me!  He was delighted!

We were working on one of the triangle gatherings blocks.  You might notice the crib in the back right--that's for the youngest~  He's not quite ready for a bed yet.

I actually decided it was a great lesson for him to try to replicate the pattern depicted in the diagram.  He did great!

On the drive up, my husband and I listened to a book through (if you are not part of that system, I highly recommend it!).  I was busy sewing another pin cushion.  Seriously, how many pin cushions do I need??

This is a Primitive Gatherings pattern and I mostly used Valdani threads, except for the blue stars, which were sewn with that Sue Spargo variegated thread I bought in February, and just LOVE.  Would you like the pattern?? Shoot me a comment and it's yours.  I'll draw a winner on Thursday!

I got no other sewing done, for obvious reasons. And I am not complaining.

I will show you a priceless (to me) photo, though~!  I rarely get into a picture but here I am with my 3 oldest grandkids (3, 4 and 7).

Now it's back to work this week!


  1. Hey, good job getting Ryan in on the quilting! I like the clever set-up.
    Very cute little pincushion. You need as many pincushions as you can churn out, I'd say!
    Great shot with the three oldest Grands, Randy. : )

  2. sounds like you had real quality time with the grandkids and good to see your eldest showing such interest in quilting. Love the pincushion we can never have too many! Did you go down the slide or just sit on the bottom I ask myself

  3. Such a great sewing set up for working with little ones! I bet he loves being in control!!!!

  4. Your bunny pin cushion is adorable. My granddaughter's name is Bunney and I would love to make it for her.

  5. Bunny pincushion is sew cute! Almost as cute as the kids!

  6. Fun photo! Back to work? You mean the kids? LOL

  7. The pin cushion is cute as can be. Everyone loves bunnies.

  8. I have a little collection of wool that would be cute in that pattern ... plus ... I love bunnies!! Linda H

  9. BTW ... that's an ingenious setup for your grandson to sew. Wish my nieces (or nephew) had an interest in sewing but there is NADA interest on their part. Enjoy those little blessings ... they are ADORABLE!!! Linda

  10. Sounds like a lot of fun! Great pic!

  11. I'm so excited to see your Juki sewing machine in the picture! I'll be buying one of these for myself very soon and I can hardly wait! Do you love it?

  12. What a precious family! Sewing can wait.