Tuesday, April 11, 2017

More Nashville pictures and stories

One of the must-see places in Nashville is the Country Music Hall of Fame.  It's HUGE and so impressive.  Of course, my eyes stopped on this beauty. It seems to be a treadle and quite old:

Nudie sewed the performers' gorgeous clothing on that old Singer!  And for the record, it seems that Nudie was a MAN!!  What a name!!  And, there was a bar/music venue in Nashville called "Nudie's" which was extremely popular.

Another item I found at this museum was this gorgeous découpaged typewriter!

Isn't that beautiful??!!

I am always on the look-out for old buildings with quilt patterns.  I spotted two, but only had a chance to take the picture of this one.  Brick is everywhere in Nashville, and I thought this one was beautifully done!

You may or may not know that in a former life, I was an English major/teacher.  So of course I love to read.  I had heard of a bookstore in Nashville owned by an author I just love (Ann Patchett).  I found this little framed saying at the entrance and thought it applied to us and our cultivating local quilt shops!  And, if you like to read, don't miss her books.  Bel Canto is one of my favorites, although honestly I love them all.

I had to take a picture of the interior of the bookstore.  So impressive. And so tempting.  I wanted to buy so many books that they were featuring.  Not too different than being in a quilt shop.  Although I have a Kindle, I was mesmerized by the actual books once again!  I did manage to restrain myself and only bought one for the plane and never opened by Kindle!

Another thing I love to marvel at in my travels is wall-art.  Frequently there are painted sides of buildings and Nashville did not disappoint.

Don't overlook that these buildings are brick yet you don't see the bricks very much with the painting.  The first two were at a parking lot;  this one was across the street from the library, where we did go into to see an exhibit on the civil rights movement in Nashville. That's for another post but was extremely interesting!

When we were at the  Plantation which I showed you in the last blog post, I was marveling at the walkways, out of brick, of course.  Great little quilt patterns, again!

This was the original brick walkway from the 1800s, along with the brick lining the walkway.  We were told that the bricks were actually made on the properties themselves!

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  1. Great post! I love bookstores almost as much as quilt stores too. I love Ann Patchett's quote. It does fit right into the quilting world. People wonder why their quilt shops close when they buy their fabrics online or from the big box stores. The trompe L'oeil on those buildings is amazing. I could never live in a city, but they are so fascinating to visit. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I'm sorry I'm done reading this post. It was most interesting. I agree 100% with Ann's quote. It's my attitude too. Small shops are always better than Walmart. Oh! and the typewriter with the green keys brought me back, way back when. Also love the scalloped edge near the top of the building, photo right after the typewriter. Bricks from the 1800's and they still prevail? They knew how to build things that last back then. Thank you so much for sharing this. ;^)

  3. Great stuff, Randy! I think I could get lost in that bookstore and never come out! Have you spent time in Powell's City of Books in Portland, Oregon? I never wanted to leave. It was like a treasure hunt.
    LOVE the wall art. Especially enjoy the creativity of the "puzzle".

  4. Bookstores are one of my favorite places...I don't have a Kindle yet! The library is the absolute best, though!

  5. lots shared here today, re books I do enjoy reading but novels etc I just borrow from the library keep the pennies for quilting books that I just have to have!

  6. Thanks for the lovely photo tour of Nashville! I love bookstores! Especially the smell. Something about them is very comforting to me. I still prefer a real book to the electronic but I guess I'm a dinosaur!

  7. Traveling opens our eyes and minds to so many things.

  8. My son, a photographer and musician, lives in East Nashville. I've been to all these places. Glad you got to visit a great American city!

  9. Some fun places to see! I love book stores too and haven't broke down and got a kindle yet.