Thursday, July 26, 2018

A little bit of progress on some blocks

After showing you all the lovelies from the Sisters Quilt show, it's time to show you  some of my humble work...

some more of Bonnie's blocks, which I'm loving!  I have had fun fussy cutting odd fabrics and but pretty limited up at the cabin, which doesn't have my normal [=voluminous] stash

Those dazzling eyes are from a new Tula Pink fabric, which I couldn't resist!  I didn't get the on-point fussy cutting done very well...but you get the idea

I keep going back and forth on whether I want to add sashing or put them up next to each other.  They are fun blocks, though!

And I worked on the Primitive Gatherings freebie of this year's project.  These are quick and easy~  I found that the leaves were too small to buttonhole stitch so I just cross-stitched across them.

The background is from a new line that is being put out by Primitive Gatherings in red/white/black. They are just gorgeous!

I also have a lot of trouble with my stem stitch.  I always feel that it looks pretty pathetic -- I'm not a great embroiderer but I do enjoy working on the wool appliqué in the car during our long drives up to the cabin.  Have I told you it's 530 miles, takes 8-1/2 hrs each way??  Lots of time to sew.

For a while, I've dragged along a smaller project I started but have yet to feel that it's complete... orange peel blocks.  Have you ever sewn any?  They do require needle-turn but since they're small and there's only one per block, I don't feel overwhelmed.  I have a large pile in a baggie, waiting for a decision on how to set them.  They could easily be a monthly mini!!


  1. On orange peels I cut the finished size peel pattern from freezer papers, then press onto fabric cutting 1/4" all round and then use starch method to hold in place--remove paper and your seam allowance is in place--I cannot manage needleturn--mine are always wonky to the extreme...
    I love the centers of your BH blocks--really neat hugs, Julierose

  2. Cute blocks! Particularly love the wool appliqué! Great work!

  3. Love your blocks but your baskets are too awesome. Just enough whimsical if you know what I mean. Love the way you "cross-stitched" the leaves and the basket's handles. Really charming. ;^)

  4. Your blocks are just gorgeous! Scrappy and wonderful!!

  5. Those are really striking blocks. If you do add sashing, have you thought about whether you would use a color, or a neutral? That choice will change the dynamics of the design.
    Your little basket blocks are very cute.
    Oh, I would never have the patience to applique those orange peels.

  6. Your baskets are adorable! I've always wanted to make an orange peel quilt--I've had the papers for years. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with yours!

  7. Lots of fun projects going on, Randy! I'm hoping to see some of these at our Quilt Show next year. :-)

  8. Squeal....those baskets are too cute. so what's wrong with working on many projects at a time:0) I love it and the sew alongs where after finishing the block you take a well for me! I keep thinking I will do an orange peel with my wool bits. Happy Sewing!