Wednesday, July 18, 2018

More Sisters quilts from the show

I'm going to share some more pictures of quilts I really liked.  It's so funny because my friend Lori (Humble Quilts) posted pictures of quilts at the show, many of which I NEVER saw!!  That tells you how large of a show it is!  Definitely it's an experience I highly recommend!

I didn't love this quilt but I liked the construction of the blocks and the layout.

When I saw this one, I thought of Kevin H and thought it'd be a great Quilt of Valor quilt.  I also love the variety of stars on the top and bottom!

As I recall, this quilter wanted to put her town onto a quilt.  That's my friend Claire in front admiring this FUN quilt.

Not sure you can tell but this is the BACK of a pretty modern quilt.  I thought the back was super interesting.  LARGE flying geese!

Front of the same quilt. Here's a close up.  Notice the quilting  of flying geese in the orange/yellows... The purples are TINY pieced flying geese!

Lest you think I've crossed over to the dark side (Modern quilters), don't worry. VBG

I actually bought a quilt at the show.  First time buying one from the show... will probably be the last as their system for checking out was pretty archaic and very very slow... But this one spoke to me and was not expensive.  

This next one was a mystery class taught by Lawry Thorn, one of my favorite teachers in Sisters.

Super cute fabrics... love the background.  And, of course, the Moda Grunge large polka dots are my favorite these days!  I have them in many colors!

There were a lot of quilts using Laura Heine's patterns, which are just adorable.  I thought this was too cute.  Another one of those that I admire but know that I'll never make.

I did get some sewing done during that week, after the kids left and when Claire was here at the cabin with me.  I'll show those to you next.  Don't want to overwhelm you.

We drive back to California tomorrow to babysit this weekend.  Monday I will get to pick up the little Eli from day care, now that his mom has started working.  I'm looking forward to seeing the kids but my dh and I are always sad to leave the cabin.  Good news is we'll be back in a couple of weeks, with the kids for their vacation.


  1. There were quite a few lovely quilts and I'm even starting to enjoy the more modern versions!

  2. Wonderful quilts. Thank you for sharing. Now I'm off to see Lori's pictures of the show. ;^)

  3. Just saw the link to your blog from Humble Quilts! I'm enjoying seeing so many that I missed too, it's just impossible to see all of them. Fun to see one of my own quilts pictured here, the Americana one with appliqued stars!

  4. thanks for the virtual tour--beautiful quilts. I admire a lot of quilts in many different styles, but, like you, I know I would never make them..hugs, Julierose

  5. And no picture with Lori ? ;)
    Those quilts are all spectacular and I love a lot the one with bowties !
    Thank you for sharing !

  6. Great quilts!!! I really love the scrappy log cabin that you bought. That is a wonderful buy!

  7. Thank you for sharing all the pictures. What a wonderful show! I enjoyed these quilts too, especially that pin cushion from the Laura Heine pattern. Lovely and interesting!

  8. Love to see all the variety in the show! I'm not a Modern quilter, but do admire a lot of the designs.

  9. A wide variety of styles!
    I was fascinated by the flying geese quilt. Interesting play on the sizes of the blocks--front and back.
    Looking forward to more.

  10. Great quilters, thanks for sharing!

  11. So many awesome quilts. Fabulous new quilt in your collection.

  12. Well, you did see the blue with the newsprint quilt as I commented on that one on Lori's blog. A simple design but it stuck in my mind because of the newsprint fabric. I have never been to the show but have always be intrigued by it. Jean Wells came to a quilt retreat here in Florida one time to teach. I enjoyed her class. She talked a good bit about the show and how it started, etc.