Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sisters Quilt Show

Every year, second Saturday of July, is the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.  It's just such a spectacle and great tradition.  I've been going for years with friends and each year I still  love it.  It is primarily sponsored by the Stitchin Post, which is a large store in the town of Sisters (which is a charming little western town about 20 miles west of Bend with a population now up to 2,000!).  This is their employee challenge which is always hung on their outside wall.

Here is a look at the store and street from the front.  The main street is closed to cars and the town goes all out in decorating!  There are baskets of flowers at every corner and every sidewalk seems to have flowers:

It's been very warm this week in Central Oregon so we started very early and drank lots of water.  We were completely wilted by lunch time!
Here are some of my favorite quilts!  I will say that we noticed a big jump in the number of modern quilts vs traditional.

These little pieces of this postage stamp quilt appear to be 1" finished and were just perfectly pieced.  I thought the setting was really interesting.  The tag said all the fabrics were Jo Morton's fabric lines.

This was in the teacher's tent (a special section of the show where the teachers from the week's classes hang their samples for the classes they were teaching) and was made by Kathy Doughty, from Australia.  We happened to meet her while admiring a different quilt, which contained her fabric and she told us all about that!

Cherrywood Fabrics has been doing a challenge each year and showing the entries throughout the country.  This year's challenge was "Van Gogh" and quilters submitted their interpretations of that.  The setting was super crowded so I wasn't able to get any good pictures (or see very many of the quilts, either) but I did snap one picture:

There are many more pictures to share.  My dh and I are going for a bike ride before it heats up today.  Claire left early this morning so the cabin is once again eerily quiet!


  1. Thanks for sharing the photos! The Sisters quilt show is on my bucket list! I am into quilting and my husband is into photography so we both want to go! What do they do if it rains?

  2. OH Randy, one of these years I am going to meet you ladies there and see it for myself! So glad you got to go!!!

  3. Mark is still at the house with you?
    It was a great show as usual!

  4. Nothing jumps out at me saying "I have to make a quilt like that". But Sara Poppins is certainly interesting. I don't have bright fabrics like that in my stash.

  5. Love the postage stamp size one. We didn't see that one.

    Nice seeing both you and Claire. Enjoy the week with your husband. Weather will be great.

  6. The not so famous Sara Poppins is amazing! I love it! Love the next one too. That basket reminds me of my unfinished basket quilt with the tiny little bits of fabric. Love the petals falling. Thanks for sharing with us. ;^)

  7. Maybe Julie and I will show up the same year! :)
    Looks like fun. I really love that postage stamp quilt!
    The Van Gogh exhibit looks amazing.

  8. looks like so much fun! one day I hope to get there. Maybe I'll send a quilt next year.

  9. If Janet O comes, I wanna go to!! Fun Quilts. I missed it, but had a good reason.

  10. Thanks so much for sharing! I especially the Sarah Poppins quilt - too cute! They are all wonderful. I sure would have liked to be there, but don't like being out in the heat. The postage stamp quilt is awesome!!

  11. So fun to see these quilts--looks like it was a lovely day too! I've seen the Van Gogh exhibit and was blown away by the creativity!