Sunday, July 8, 2018

A little diversion--

My husband took the kids back to California yesterday;  my son left Friday so I had a day to myself!  Of course the cabin is so empty!

What to do?  The weather in Central Oregon has been beautiful... not too hot, definitely not humid (my lips are ultra-chapped, it's so dry)... so I met a friend for a hike off a gorgeous area closed in the winter, because the altitude is so high.

I thought the hike was 6 miles.  BOY was I wrong... it was 9+ and the first half was mostly UP HILL!!  And I picked it!! @#$@#$

The scenery was spectacular and I'm sharing some of the pictures, just so you can see what this area is like.

This was the scene as I drove up to the meeting point/trail head:

The Cascade Mountains are truly magical.  They were formed from volcanos many years ago!  The three mountains to the left are called Three Sisters.  The mountain to the right is Broken Top.  The hike took us right in between the two mountains, South Sister (the tallest of the Three Sisters) and Broken Top.  We hiked past very loud and clear creeks and water falls, all from snow runoff!  The hike went through pine trees to get to the clearing for Green Lake.  
We did have to cross several creeks by jumping over some small rocks and I will admit that I FELL IN a couple of times!  Fortunately it was so warm that my shorts dried quickly and I didn't really mind the wet socks!  I must have gotten better because I didn't fall on the way back!

We found a place to sit, rest up and put our feet in the water.  Just next to me were such gorgeous wildflowers.  I had to take a picture.

Facts:  the Green Lake sits about 6500 ft up (we started at 5200!).  The South Sister (the mountain just above, towering over the lake) is a little over 10,000 ft.  In winter, the road to these trails closes because there's just too much snow.  I was told that the trail we were on was under 10' of snow!  We did pass a few patches of snow, but not many.

It was a great day, although I'm exhausted and can't seem to quench my thirst, no matter how much water I have been drinking.  And I drank throughout the hike!

On a quilty note, I did finish the backing for the Triangle Gatherings quilt and hope to deliver it to my LAQ friend this week.  It's sure huge.

My friend Claire is coming up this week for our annual sewing retreat so I'm hoping to get lots of sewing done.  This year it's a small group because of friends' travel and work schedules.  Quilt show in Sisters is Saturday (and sadly the forecast is for a very hot 90* day!!).


  1. Gorgeous pictures, Randy, thanks for sharing them. One year when Fran and I went up to Sisters, we took one of those back mountain roads, little more than a one lane road, and at the top, there was still snow where the bathroom stop was. That was late June, and they said the road had only been open a few days. I could believe it!

  2. Oh my....thank you for sharing these beautiful pictures !! Mountains are the best place for me (I don't love beach !).
    Enjoy your annual sewing retreat with your friend !! Hugs !

  3. Looks so breathtaking--and sounds like it was breathtaking in more than one way. :)

  4. Beautiful area ... thanks for sharing the pictures. Recommend "Propel" when really thirsty. Berry flavor is my favorite ... like Gatorade but MUCH MUCH less sweeter (Gatorade is too "sugary" for me). Has electro lights and will help restore you. Recommended to my by my Orthopedic doc ;-) Linda

  5. So pretty! Have fun at Sister's

  6. That’s such a pretty hike! I don’t remember having to jump over any creek. It seems like they all had bridges. They ar likely going to go to a permit system so it’s nice that you got to see this one. Also, it is open in the winter if you want to snowshoe !

  7. breathtaking scenery....the water must be cold coming down from those snowy peaks...

  8. Such beautiful scenery! I was thinking about going to Sisters on Saturday, but it's going to be too hot for me. Actually, it probably won't be too bad in the morning and then leave by the time it gets hot - thinking about it.

  9. Beautiful! My boys, niece and nephew all hiked up the South Sister a couple of years ago to spread my sister's ashes. That's where she wanted to be!!!