Sunday, June 9, 2013


I'm still cleaning my new sewing area.  Last night I decided to pull out a very old UFO.  I spread out all the parts, strips and pieces and realized I didn't like it at all, which is probably why I stopped after only completing a portion of it.

My solution: rather than force myself to finish something I didn't like, I decided to just rip it apart!  Took no time and felt GREAT to be rid of something I wouldn't ever work on.

But, I'm left with a wonderful pattern book from Linda Ballard.
It's called Simple Traditions. It's actually a variation of an Irish Chain. I used fabrics that were horrible. Anyway, anybody want to have this pattern booklet?

Please send me a comment along with your email address and I'll pick someone by Wednesday.

Love to you all,


  1. I have a UFO that I've been trying to convince myself to finish, but reading your post I realize I DON'T LIKE IT so I'm going to rip it up. Thanks for the incentive. And, thank you, but I would not be interested in Linda's booklet.

  2. I would love to have it! I am always on the look out for more scrappy patterns.

  3. Could be a great book for some of my scrap squares. Thanks for the chance. Jane

  4. Sure, toss my name in the pot. I love Linda Ballard patterns - I've done two. Also love Linda Ballard - her workshops are great. I don't need another project, but what the heck . . . .


  5. Sometimes walking away is the only thing to do; Liberating, really.
    I've done that a few times and always found someone who wanted some of the bits and pieces.

    I like the pattern and would be pleased to win it. Thanks.

  6. I saw a picture of the Simple Traditions pattern on a Linda Ballard page. I really love this pattern. I would very much like to win this pattern. I do have several projects that I need to reevaluate whether I will work on them. Maybe just stick the fabric back in my stash and try some new things. Thanks for the opportunity to win!!!

  7. I feel your pain! Love the pattern though!

  8. Looked at the picture on Linda's page and would love to have the pattern. It looks like a pattern that would be great for using up my scraps. Thanks for the chance.

    1. YOU ARE THE WINNER! Please send me your address so I can pop the pattern into the mail!

  9. I would love the pattern. Thanks for the offer.