Thursday, June 20, 2013

Only in Wisconsin

We are having a great time!!


  1. Gotta have your gun, what if you wear it where it can be seen and drink?
    Will that work? You girls look like you are having fun cruising around in your convertible :0) too fun! Have fun and keep those guns in plain sight!

    Happy Sewing

  2. LOVE that the convertible color matches the barn quilt emblem color and which will probably match your skin color after being in the sun all day! LOL Love, love, love convertibles! Until a few years ago I had a Cabrio convertible ... the pooch and I tooled around in that baby and had a blast. Recently I've spotted a BMW convertible in someone's driveway with a FOR SALE!!!! sign on it. May just have to check it out ... they don't charge to "pet" convertibles, do they?? Enjoy Wisconsin ... it was our second choice of states to retire (Traverse City, MI won out). Travel safe!! Linda

  3. Oh Randy, that sign made me laugh! But having passed through Iowa, Nebraska, S. Dakota,Wyoming, Indiana, Illinois, and now in Idaho I have to say I'm not sure about that?! lol see you soon, CW

  4. Probably a good idea. Guns and drinking might be dangerous.
    Now the car, that is a great idea. Have fun.