Friday, June 28, 2013

Will one sock work??

I'm not a great knitter at all. I have many unfinished projects and sweaters that don't fit!! Oh and lots of yarn.
I did decide to tackle knitting a pair of socks after I found a wonderful sock yarn. My local yarn store gave me a pattern for supposedly the easiest socks to knit. HARDLY!!
Thanks to my friend Bonnie in Wisconsin I was able actually finish ONE!! It is almost a knee sock, true enough!!  Now, can I make the second one!!?? Ever happen to anybody?? Vbg

I'm packing up as we leave for Oregon in the morning! First week will be with all the kids! Then it's retreat time with my fabulous Sewing Sisters! Can't wait!

Have a great weekend!


  1. 'Twill make a great Christmas stocking. hAHA, you can do it, you have done ONE!!!! HAve a great trip and a superb retreat. Piffle

  2. If you ever have one foot in a cast, you have a great sock for the other foot! : )

  3. I haven't done much knitting... and jumped right into toe-up socks. I'm thinking this isn't for me.... I need something, like my hexies, that I don't have to think about while I'm watching TV in the evening. Hope you get the second sock made.

  4. I'm a newbie knitter (like I really NEEDED another addiction) and also have too much yarn (already). I've wanted to knit sock but heard from others the problem of knitting one and then never knitting the second. There are even books on knitting two at a time so that could be avoided. Do you think it's ironic that a new fashion "fab" is wearing different socks together ... do you think it was started by knitters who never made the second sock?? LOL

  5. The last comment cracked me up. Maybe the mismatched sock trend was started by knitters. LOL I struggled through a pair of socks only to find that they are too big around my ankles. I will try again. I knit more in cooler weather.
    You can make that second sock.

  6. My first pair of socks got finished, but they were big enough to fit a lumber jack!!! My husband said, I know I am big but that is ridiculous. My next pair I tried have a mistake in the heal/instep area and they almost make an upside down v shaped instep, but at least they are somewhat to size. Bought yarn to make my next pair. Cannot wait to see if 3 times a charm and they come out somewhat "correct." Better get your 2nd sock finished by next year when you come to WI. If the weather is anything like this year you will be able to use them. Keep us posted with your progress.

  7. Yes, the dreaded "second sock syndrome". One way to avoid it is to knit both socks at the same time. I don't mean the newer method of having two socks on a circular needle, but you knit each part of both socks. You knit one cuff, then knit the other cuff, knit one leg part, then the other leg part, knit one heel/gusset, then the next heel/gusset and so on. So you have both socks going at the same time on two sets of needles. It works for me. Beautiful yarn! I am sure you will get the second one finished.