Wednesday, June 12, 2013


My hair is finally looking better! (At least I think so!). I have been going to the stylist my daughter has been using in SF. So when she said that Ryan needed a haircut, I was delighted!! We got haircuts yesterday and I got to spend the night with the darlings. Mind you my hair never looks like this usually!! It's curly and messy usually. But aren't Emma and Ryan precious??!!


  1. Everybody's hair looks good, Randy--especially yours! : )

  2. Hi, I'm going to do the sew along late where are the instructions?

    1. Liz, you may have gotten the info from Randy, but I didn't get any email address by clicking on your name. The first part of the quiltalong can be found here:

      The next two parts are two weeks exactly from the first date and can be found on Randy's blog and the final part is two weeks after the third part on Humble Quilts.

  3. Oh, like the haircut!! Yes, they are so gorgeous, those kiddos!!

  4. GREAT haircuts ... all around!! OMGosh .... they are ADORABLE!!! Makes you want to kiss their skin all off! LOL

  5. Precious indeed! Oh your hair looks great :0) amazing what they can do with a blow dryer to smooth all those curls.
    Ryan looks sleepy and Miss Em looks raring to go!

    I know you had fun Nana,
    Happy Sewing

  6. Your hair looks great. I could take some of those curls off your hands for you. I have zero curl. Stick straight. The babies look awesome. I do agree with KIm....Ryan tired and Emma ready to roll.