Thursday, June 13, 2013


My new sewing room is looking great. I love all the space, the great light and the large cutting table. I'm even getting some work done! Binding a quilt that's been sitting for months!! 


  1. Looks great, love the open space for the puppies! LOL
    that light coming in the window is wonderful
    glad your happy with your new space.

  2. meant to say I really love your quilt , have fun with the binding

  3. Your sewing room looks like a good place to play. I like to see quilter's sewing rooms and how they are organized. Mine is usually chaotic compared to others.

  4. Very cozy looking quilt, Randy.
    I think you came out the winner on the space swap--sewing room looks wonderful!
    BTW, the book came today and I see some wonderful things coming from it in my future! Thanks!

  5. Very nice! I'll have to come and see it person one day!!

  6. It looks like a greatr place to stitch the day away. Wonderful light, great storage, andthe cutting table is the best!!!

  7. Looks FABULOUS!!! I have my sewing table/machine in a lighted window as well ... it is absolutely the BEST thing I ever did. Those are great cabinets holding all your treasures. It's a painful process but when it is done the creative process is unleashed! LOVE the quilt ;-) Linda

  8. Ahhhhh that looks really nice. Have you set up a design wall?
    Did you set up more than one of your machines?
    Looks like you have plenty of storage.
    I am having a hard time find places for all of my junk!

    Happy Sewing

  9. It looks like you have great storage and wonderful dogs. I hope my space will be organized one day!