Monday, June 24, 2013

Sewing style?

While in Wisconsin, I was talking with my friend Debbie about our styles of sewing.  Who knew there were other ways to do it, besides how I did it?? VBG

This was my MO:
I'd start something; get bored with it; force myself to sew on it; put it away in the ufo pile; let it gather dust; pull it out and force myself to persevere and finish the darn thing.  Painful.

Then there was Debbie, who was sitting at her machine making a list of her projects presently being worked on.  She works on one project for a little bit; then she puts it away (before she's sick of it) and picks up a different project;  she works on that for a bit and then puts it away for project #3.  She counted that she had 12 going at one time. That's not what I call UFOs.  She's working on them all at the same time, in increments.  BRILLIANT!!

So, I'm curious as to what YOUR sewing style is.  I think it'll be helpful to learn about other methods being used.

Love to you all,
ps: there are still more Chicago quilts to show!


  1. HI, I am like your friend Debbie as I have numerous ones in progress at the same time, yes, bored move on, after a bit move back and do some more work on one, get excited again and closer so some one of these times, get it done. hehe
    Some are embroidery, some are wool, they are my special loves, the ones with embroidery included in them and even wool mixed in.
    I have three groups I am quilting with during the month so I do get to have much quilting time, and then after nine pm too.
    I still am working on the FWS that you so generously gave us the patterns with all the measurements for. thanks again.

  2. Style? I don't think I have one--randomness and easy distraction would describe me. Is that a style? : )

  3. I am with Janet O on this ... start a project, get bored or distracted, move on to the next on I fancy and have a TON of UFOs. Ashamed to admit that at my last retreat I took nothing but UFOs to work on ... not even new fabric to avoid getting distracted. One was a SMALL (I mean SMALL) little table topper made from "nickels" ... it took me HOURS to (a) figure out which pattern I had decided to make from the book and (b) figure out where I'd left off on the project. Now THAT is really sad ... but it did get completed and I realize now how much simpler it would have been to have just finished it at the time rather than spending hours re-establishing where I was ... I could have spent that time doing other quilting things! Perhaps I'll learn/remember that lesson next time I'm sewing and tempted to get distracted and jump to something else. Linda

  4. I make UFOs. That is mt new story. LOL Some quilts I just start and finish quickly (at least the top) then others just languish on that UFO pile. There are always too many new things to try. I have quilter's ADD.

  5. I guess I do it the way Debbie does it, I just work on whichever one I feel like working on at the time. When I get close to the end of a quilt, nothing else gets done because I get this need to finish.

  6. I work on several things over a long period of time so not to get bored by them. If I'm not liking the project at all, I get rid of it or make it into a mini. Too many on the "want to make" list to be working on a project I don't like.
    You do finish a lot of projects!!

  7. Guess I'm a Debbie-style person, too. Not because I get bored, but because so many projects are calling my name! I am now slogging through finishing the binding on a wedding quilt for my son. But quilts for our summer cabin, my niece's wedding, an early (er, late) Christmas present, all vie for attention. So many quilts, not enough time!

  8. Hello, my name is Chantal and I am a UFO maker! There I've said it! LOL Most of them do become flimsies before turning into UFOs. I too have many projects on the go at the same time, in different stages of completion. Since I hand quilt each one, I have plenty of time to finish the top before the frame is free for the next one. I can't work on something I don't like ... it's like doing dishes :P

  9. I'm a cross-stitcher, as well as a quilter, and the cross-stitchers call that rotating.

    I give each WIP an index card and list what I want to accomplish the next time I pick up a project. When I finish that "job," I write what I want to accomplish the next time I pick it up, put the index card in the back, pack my supplies up, and pick up the next index card to see what I'm working on next.

    If I have a deadline (like clubs, BOMs), I rotate my deadline WIP and my regular WIPs. Deadline WIP, regular WIP, Deadline WIP, regular WIP, etc., until the deadline WIP is finished and go back to just the regular ones.

    This usually works perfectly for me until someone comes out with a fabric line or pattern that I can't live without, then I toss it all to the wind and work on that...after I make up an index card ;)

  10. OMG I am a UFO maker/sometimes finisher/scattered/easily distracted/work best on deadlines kind of a person who will let things go 'dormant' if I'm not especially thrilled with them. I've got stuff on the five year plan, the two year plan, the 'whenever nothing else strikes my fancy' plan...