Friday, June 14, 2013

You can never have enough sewing machines!

Okay girls. Truth time...
How many sewing machines do you own? Which is your favorite? Why?

Quilter with the most machines wins a prize!! Enter by Monday.

Love to you all


  1. I have five sewing machines, one serger, and one toy sewing machine. Two of my machines are strictly decorative, so I actively sew or quilt on my Juki, my Singer Featherweight, and my Elna. I'm thinking someone else would have more, but it's worth a shot.

  2. Okay I will not win but I do have all 3 of mine set up for daily use.
    A 1030 Bernina the one I use everyday, a Janome 6600 which I am still trying to bond with and an old singer hand crank which sews so smoothly it is amazing. But I need more room!

    Happy Sewing

  3. #1 singer model 533 bought in '78 with my employee discount when I quit my job in the headquarters legal dept at 30 Rock in NYC.

    #2 singer model 534 bought at a yardsale in 2006 because it was similar to my original and I thought I might need it for parts.

    #3 Singer model 66 treadel bought several years ago at the Rte 127 miles long yardsale from an elderly woman who was no longer able to sew.

    #4 1950s Aldens sewing machine in a cabinet. I picked this up at an antique store maybe a year ago.

    #4 1950s Free-Westinghouse. I bought this at an antique store a year or so ago because it had the "bullet" bobbin. I'd heard about them but never seen one so I bought it as a novelty.

    #5 Universal sewing machine... I believe this is a post-war japanese Singer knockoff. The wiring is a bit iffy to look at and I haven't had a chance to get it serviced yet.

    #6 I have my daughter's Singer that I bought at walmart 5 years ago when she had to have a machine to sew on.

    #7 I have a Brother that I picked up at a church yardsale for free... just needed to be serviced and it works fine.

    #8 In 2006 I bought a Pfaff handiquilter and frame... but traded it in and upgraded in 2009 for my current Nolting Funquilter 24.

    I use my quilter almost daily for customer work and I my 533 is what I use for my piecing. I've done minimal sewing on my other machines... I suppose if I used them more I would be more comforable with them. My goal for the summer is to spend time with my treadle and get comfortable on her.

    1. oh... and I forgot...

      #9 I just aquired a serger for $10 from the Habitat ReStore.

  4. Sorry, I only have one machine. It's an Elna Quilter's Dream and I'm quite happy with it. Also have my husband's grandmother's treadle machine, but I've never tried to use it.

  5. Okay, so I'm no Bonnie Hunter, but I am a collector. Bernina 930, black singer 221, white singer 221, singer 301, singer 401, Kenmore 118, National B, National 2-spool, Singer 227, Singer 15-91, singer 127 treadle, singer 128 handcrank, pfaff 7570, 2 toy machines and my Mother's singer that I don't know the model of and a cheap singer we bought my daughter that I haven't re-homed yet. I think that's 17. I either use them all or am in the process of restoring them so I can use them. Surely someone else has more. Lane

    1. I love my Bernina 930 and my second favorite is my Singer 301 which is my "take to class" machine!

  6. Not a chance of winning, but just for the fun of it, I have my 35 year old Viking that DH bought me as a wedding present--actually made my wedding dress on it. That is my back-up machine.
    My Mother's 61 year old Bernina is mine now and runs fine, but the wiring is a bit scary. Haven't used it, but want to. It was the machine I used when I learned to sew as a girl and in high school I made most of my clothing on it.
    My 7 year old Pfaff was a Mother's Day surprise from DH. It is my work horse for piecing and quilting with the walking foot.
    My 1 year old Handi Quilter Sweet 16 does my FMQ jobs and has been so much fun!

  7. Quilt Fool knocked me out of the running! LOL I have eight. I have two "modern" electric Janomes. An electric Dressmaker Special from the 50's and an Elnita. From the early 1900's I have a Franklin Treadle, A class 15 hand crank, A Singer Redeye 66 hand crank, and a New Home Hand crank. For pieceing my quilts I prefer my hand cranks and my treadle. Probably the singer Redeye or Redhead is my favorite, I have it sitting in an old green cabinet and use it daily for almost all of my quilting!

  8. No chance of winning either......but between my hubby and me, we have a dozen. He's got two industrial machines and a Pfaff, and I LOVE my Juki, have a treadle, a Europro, and 6 assorted antique machines that hopefully will get up and running one day.....if I ever stop sewing long enough to look at them! LOL

  9. i have 6 but only 2 that works, and i love my janome that my hubby bought me for christmas last year the best

  10. I have my old Singer from the 80's and I just brought a feather weight. I am happy with that. I do have a serger.

  11. I have a small collection compared to some, but my non-sewing friends think it is strange to have so many. I have my Pfaff Quilt Pro, which I use for mending, sewing clothes, and whenever I need a walking foot. I have a treasured Featherweight that I use for all my machine piecing. I have an old singer in a case that looks like a suitcase. It's upstairs and I've not done much with it. I bought it from a neighbor. It was his mother's and hasn't been used much so it is in perfect condition - almost like new. I can't remember exactly what model it is, and I'm not able to go look at the moment. I also have a Pfaff surger. I have a long arm machine - a Proto - on a 12 ft table. And I just bought a new Pfaff last Saturday. The brand new Passport 2.0. It is still in the box. I'm dying to try it, but my husband doesn't know I bought it and I need to wait for a time I know he'll be gone most of the day. Until I figure out a way to tell him that I bought it. I do the finances so he won't figure it out that way. Shhhhhh .....

    1. The suspense is killing me You'll have to let us all know what happens when you tell him.

  12. Guess I'm out of the running, just counted and only have 8 plus a toy.

  13. Oh gee, I'm not so sure I want to admit this publicly. :-o Um, 11 if I count my serger. :-/ Yikes! I must say I have used and do use all of them. :-)

  14. I have 11 including my Serger. 1 Feather weight, 2 Bentwood(Tombstone) Singers, 1 Bernina 140, 1 Pfaff, 1 Janome, 1 Elnita, 1 Viking Mega Quilter, Singer (old), and an OLD Blue Westinghouse. I'm not even in the running, I know. I can't compete with Bonnie or the Quilt fool! I can honestly say I've tried about every Brand of Machine.

  15. Not a chance for me. I have my 1974 Eatons Viking as a back up, that's the machine my sister and I made our graduation dress on and I started quilting with this machine. I also have a Pfaff from 2002 which is my daily machine and also my longarm. Fun to read through the comments!

  16. OK...
    #1 - Elna 3007 - about 10 or 12 years old. Hubby got me this one; it was the most expensive one at the time, and it was second-hand at that, a "trade-in" at a sewing machine shop.
    #2 - White Featherweight. This was a vacation souvenir 3 years ago when we went to Colonial Williamsburg. On the hottest day in 20 years (figures) we skipped the colonial village & went shopping; found a quilt shop, and came home with the Featherweight!
    #3 - Reliance treadle, by T.E. Eaton Co. in Toronto. Picked it up at a yard sale for $25. Leaf tension, "bullet" shuttle & bobbin. LOVE it!
    #4 - Singer 66 in a parlor cabinet. This one actually has a reverse!
    #5 - White Rotary treadle in a cabinet with yellow milkpaint. This one is my current favorite.
    #6 - 1913 New Home treadle in a full cabinet. Runs beautifully!
    #7 - New Home treadle in a gate-leg cabinet. The machine is wonderful, the cabinet could use some work.
    #8 - 1904 Singer Sphynx. Spent a lot of time restoring that one, but it's been my bedside table ever since.
    #9 - Singer 301A with table. The table has a pop-out section that lets you set the machine into it. This was a *freebie* on Freecycle! Gear-driven machine, and it's FAST!
    #10 - Babylock serger. Hasn't been used in a couple of years, but I use it a lot for clothing construction.
    There are a couple of other ones including an electric 1940s White with a friction motor, and a Willcox & Gibbs treadle - the machine works great but the treadle base needs work. With a few exceptions, I try to use them all regularly.

  17. Oh, and there's also a green 1940s or 50s Singer electric, picked it up at Goodwill for $10. I'm saving it for when a family member needs a machine; it's kind of noisy for me. Also a couple of old Singers in bentwood cases (portables! Ha!) that need a little more refurbishing to work at their best.

  18. I don't have many, so I have a reduced chance to win. First there is Ezster, she is my grandmother's treadle, 1924 and sews beautifully. She doesn't get worked out as much as she should, but I know my Grandmother is smiling just knowing that it's being used. My only male machine is Woodrow, he's a 1940's National with a shuttle type bobbin. He sits in a beautiful wooden base and because he has a shuttle type bobbin, he's obviously a male. Then there's Collette my 1954 Featherweight. She goes to the cottage with me and my grandchildren use her with my supervision. Just the right size for 7 year olds! I also have Doris, a White rotary from the 50's with a beautiful crinkle finish, a Singer from the 70's (it rarely gets used) a Brother with no name :( from the 90's, a Huquarvarna Viking only a couple years old and my newest addition is a bright red child's Gateway Junior made March 1946 that belonged to my bosses mother. I enjoy your reading your blog and sort of feel a kinship with you being a quilter, grandmother and having worked for 30 years as a paralegal. keep up the good work. Cheryl

  19. Only five. My janome horizon that I use daily and love is my favorite. I have a little travel janome for retreats and classes. I have two Berninas sitting in a closet until I get around to selling them! And my mom gave me a wonderful treadle that seems to work!

    1. What models are your Berninas? I need a new machine : )

  20. Top of the list is my faithful Bernina Virtuosa 153QE
    Juki TL-2010Q for FMQ and walking foot
    Juki Exceed Quilt and Pro to take to classes and for machine applique
    Juki 3 spool serger set up for rolled hem edging
    Janome Gem Gold used to take to classes
    Janome serger for home dec
    Janome needle felting machine
    Mitsubishi industrial straight stitch for home dec (made my first quilt on this machine before buying the Bernina!)
    US industrial hemmer (home dec)
    Gammill longarm
    Singer Featherweight
    Singer Redeye Treadle
    Singer Memphis Treadle
    Singer 221 portable in a bentwood case
    Singer Sew Handy Model 50 (Toy machine)
    JC Pennys 1950s home sewing machine
    Montgomery Ward Precision Round Bobbin Model 188

    oh oh, that's 17, I try to keep it under a dozen
    Time to sell a few! I use 7 on a regular basis.
    Love the Featherweight and the sound it makes when it runs, that's a keeper.
    Found the Memphis first, then the Redeye which is what I really was looking for.
    There are 5 here I could part with, one is promised to my son. We are planning a yard sale next weekend so that would bring me back to a dozen :0)

  21. Singer Red Eye Treadle
    Featherweight 221
    Black Singer 301 (I love the 301's almost as much as the FW)
    Tan Singer 301
    Singer 500A
    Singer 600
    1960's Montgomery Wards Machine
    Singer 99k (great little machine!)
    Singer 201 (known as for the dressmaker)
    Singer 15-91 (known as the machine for the farmer's wife)
    Viking Quilt Designer II
    Viking 936 Serger

    The treadle we've had since I was a little girl. My aunt was given the FW which she then passed to me. The 301's were found at thrift stores - yikes, I could keep going. The Wards I found at a rummage sale for $5. in brand new condition - great stitcher. Each machine has their own feel - and they are a lot of fun. I can't fit any more in the house, and would have a hard time giving any up!!

  22. Well, I'm not going to win- I only have 15 machines , but it was a bit of a shock once I started to count them!

  23. I don't collect machines, but I do have 5 machines all together. For a while I had one set up to piece and one to quilt so I could just scoot my chair to the machine I wanted to use. No room to do that now.

  24. OK, I'm ashamed to say that I have way more machines than I can use - I have my great grandmother's treadle machine, my aunt's Singer 99, my first sewing machine a singer 402 (I think), 3 featherweights, 2 bernina's and 2 long arms. Yikes I think I need an intervention.

  25. i have 2, a 35 yr old viking and my 1957 featherweight phoebe PLUS a singer 328K waiting in the all good mothers i love them all for different reasons...have been thinking about a treadle but no reason to indulge...and no place to put it either...imagine, some women in 3rd world countries would jump at the chance to have even one to earn a living and feed their families....makes me feel rich indeed

  26. I have seven: 2 Singer 301s; Pfaff
    Tipronic; Serger; Janome 6600; Featherweight; and HQ16. Thanks for the topic. It's fun to read the responses.

  27. I know I won't win - I only have 4: Baby Lock Espire - my #1 machine and I love it! Allows me to do my own quilting with the longer neck and it does an excellent job for all of my sewing. Janome 2011 - my class machine. I'm not crazy about this one. Featherweight - everyone has to have a featherweight! Husgvana Lily - she's sick right now and 19 years old. Debating about whether she's worth fixing. Espire is definitely number one right now!

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  29. I have 10: a Viking which was my first machine, a Viking Lily, a little green child's machine, two Viking Megaquilters, a Singer Touch & Sew that was my mom's, a New Home 1950s model, a Singer 55-91, a Singer Featherweight, and my favorite is a Singer 301, a big sister to the featherweights.