Thursday, June 27, 2013

Gardening project

I'm not a great gardener by any means. In fact, if I had to choose between gardening for an hour or sewing, we all know how that would turn out.
In an effort to make my yard look more presentable I have been working with a gardener/consultant. She comes and helps me fix a particular area.

My latest idea was to put in a little terraced area on a slope. I like how it turned out! H

Here is a new picture of Emma! Getting so big! We are going to have all the kids with us in Oregon next week!!


  1. Nice detail work in the yard. More than mine ever gets!
    What a sweet little pixie face! : )

  2. Yes, indeed, nice sloping garden. NOw to perhaps add some spring bulbs in between, daffodils, jonquils, in small groupings.

    That little face just makes me smile, for you and for me too. Piffle

  3. Love your garden and that sweet little baby face. :)

  4. A child can put a smile on your face so quickly.She is so cute.
    Your garden looks good.Easy to maintain.

  5. Lovely landscape:)
    Emma's smile is adorable!!

  6. Emma is just such a cutie. Love that smile.
    Your garden looks very pretty.

  7. Nice job on the slope. We have one on either side of our backyard which makes me just shake my head and go back inside ... intimidating! Not sure WHERE to start on it! ADORABLE little munchkin ... my youngest niece (now 24!!!) used to have food on her face after a meal ... we used to tease her that she was "saving it for later" ... LOL Linda

  8. Oh look at her sweet face :0) what an adorable little girl!
    Have the best time with your family and enjoy every minute with the grandbabies...they are growing up so fast!

    Gardening use to be my passion, but I think I am getting to old
    to enjoy the hard work that gardeing really is.

    Happy Sewing